Posts from 2019

Posts from 2019

Learning Levy – July 14

Not feeling connected? Haven’t been able to get involved? This is a good time for visitors, new AND longtime members to meet new people, ask questions, learn about Levy, and find out how to get plugged into different ministries and connected to other Christians in the Levy Family. If you have any questions, we encourage you to let us know. We are meeting at 9 a.m.…

Wednesdays: Take Home Devotionals

The Upper Room Series offers a class titled, “Take Home Devotionals.” This class will offer instruction and resources for those interested in improving their personal and family devotional experiences. The class is for all adults, but every third week the children from a particular age group will be included in the class. This allows an opportunity for parents and…


The River City Ministry clothing bus needs men’s jeans, shirts and coats. You can drop them off at the Sylvan Hills bus barn. Contacts are Rochelle Stalens (501-960-5310) or Ensley Pettey (501-831-5247).