Sermons by Cecil May

Sermons by Cecil May

Relevant Justice

Generous Justice,  Tim Keller Class #1. Relevant Justice From Introduction (“Why Write This Book?”), pg. xiii-xviii This study is relevant because… As Messiah, Jesus pursues justice. Luke 4:17-18; Isaiah 42:1-7 Note the word “justice” three times in the first four verses. Keller’s theorem: “A true experience of the grace of Jesus Christ inevitably motivates a man or…

The Late Comers

The Late Comers Generally, this parable is referred to as “The Laborers in the Vineyard” or “The Vineyard Workers.” Because we are focusing “The Others” we title it “The Late Comers.” Given the outcome of the parable, a good title would be, “The Parable of the Generous Master.”

The Mercy Needers

The “Others” in this week’s lesson are different from any others we have considered to this point. These others are not “other” because they are different than or distant from us. In fact, they are likely very much like us and close to us. The reason they are “other” is because they deserve retribution from us. They owe us. They have done us wrong in some way. We see them…
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