Sermons from January 2019

Sermons from January 2019

Jethro of Midian

We are introduced to Jethro as a part of the narrative of Moses in Exodus 2. After killing an abusive Egyptian, Moses escaped into Midian. There he intervened in a water access dispute on behalf of seven sisters. Their father was Jethro (or Reuel—some dispute here whether Jethro and Reuel are the same or if Reuel was Jethro’s father. The name Reuel means “friend of…

Melchizedek –The “Other” Embodied

Melchizedek is part mystery, part amazing, and fully a significant figure in understanding God and his emphasis on the others. Mysteriously appearing in the Genesis narrative during an encounter with Abraham, Melchizedek would come to be connected to Christ and to represent God’s forever plan of including others in his kingdom.

10 Predictions for 2019 – Cecil May

TONIGHT ––2019 Predictions – Cecil May FEB 1-2 – Save the Date!  This very special event will be hosted by Owen and Lauren Mitchell in the Upper Room – The ReConnect Weekend is a laugh and learn mini-retreat and workshop designed to give couples a chance to take time out and enjoy their marriage. By focusing on the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of…
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