Sermons from May 2019

Sermons from May 2019

OTHERS: Those Not Like Us Economically

Assumptions: As a congregation, not as 600 individuals. Be like Westen Blevins. We know that God wants us to be helping others in need. Neighbors. Micah 6:8, Matthew 25, 100 one-another verses, Good Samaritan etc… How do we do this today? RCM is one way. Each person does their own, Levy? America, 2 camps, Mercy vs Structure, or Hand out vs Hand up, or P&S vs Ladder. …

The Messy Unwanted but Invited

Others in Matthew, class 11: Matthew 21:28-22:14 – The Messy Unwanted but Invited This lesson covers three parables of Jesus. In these parables we meet tax collectors and prostitutes, the rejected, the uninvited. Surprisingly, we find these same also are those who are ultimately accepted as those who “did the will of the father,” (21:31), “a people producing…fruit”…

The Late Comers

The Late Comers Generally, this parable is referred to as “The Laborers in the Vineyard” or “The Vineyard Workers.” Because we are focusing “The Others” we title it “The Late Comers.” Given the outcome of the parable, a good title would be, “The Parable of the Generous Master.”