Thy Word (Page 2)

Thy Word (Page 2)

Our theme for 2018 is “Thy Word!” in which we focus on reading the Bible together as a congregation. A yearly Bible reading schedule is available for everyone to use. Danny Dodd’s sermons and classes are taken from the text of the reading each week. Please take this worthy challenge and together let’s read and study though God’s Word in 2018.

Judge Jepthah

One of the most fascinating among the fascinating stories of the Judges is Jepthah’s. Very much an unlikely candidate to lead God’s people, but he did, and effectively even after a personal tragedy. His story is both inspiring and troubling—one from which we can learn great lessons.

Jesus Is…

John’s gospel in the pages of the New Testament is quite extraordinary. Presenting a different perspective than the other three, the apostle John (Son of Zebedee) has an overarching purpose to his prose—that is to convince his readers beyond any doubt that Jesus of Nazareth is the one true Messiah sent by God to establish his kingdom and take away all sins. Everything…