Thy Word (Page 3)

Thy Word (Page 3)

Our theme for 2018 is “Thy Word!” in which we focus on reading the Bible together as a congregation. A yearly Bible reading schedule is available for everyone to use. Danny Dodd’s sermons and classes are taken from the text of the reading each week. Please take this worthy challenge and together let’s read and study though God’s Word in 2018.

Christ’s Farewell

John shares a vivid and moving account of Christ’s last days with his closest disciples before his arrest and crucifixion in chapters 14-17 of his gospel. Contextually, 14:1-4 sets the tone for the overall text. Jesus is concerned about the fallout of the events that are about to take place—specifically how it will affect these men. He seeks to comfort them and to offer…

A Word from Amos

The Old Testament prophet, Amos, was an unlikely choice to be God’s preacher to his people. He was a poor shepherd and tree farmer from the backwater village of Tekoa. He had no training as a prophet, yet God called him anyway to speak His Word to the wealthy, urbane ruling class of the tribes of Israel to convict them over their hypocrisy and apathy. Predictably, his…

Judge Jepthah

One of the most fascinating among the fascinating stories of the Judges is Jepthah’s. Very much an unlikely candidate to lead God’s people, but he did, and effectively even after a personal tragedy. His story is both inspiring and troubling—one from which we can learn great lessons.