2018 Series: Thy Word (Page 2)

2018 Series: Thy Word (Page 2)

Our theme for 2018 is “Thy Word!” in which we focus on reading the Bible together as a congregation. A yearly Bible reading schedule is available for everyone to use. Danny Dodd’s sermons and classes are taken from the text of the reading each week. Please take this worthy challenge and together let’s read and study though God’s Word in 2018.

The Life and Times of the Kings

Our daily Bible reading text of 2 Chronicles 13-27 is filled with fascinating stories of the life and times of some of the kings of Judah and Israel (also shared with added detail in 1 Kings 15-2 Kings 15). Often these accounts of their reigns include palace intrigue, political maneuvering, wars, murder and incredible violence, as well as disregard for God and his…


Nahum means “comfort or consolation” even though his prophecy was neither for Nineveh—its recipient (it was however for the nations that Assyria oppressed). The only biographical information we have about Nahum is the statement in 1:1 that he was from Elkosh and the location of that town is a mystery since it is nowhere else referred to in Scripture.

What Healthy Church Leadership Looks Like

This is one way to consider Paul’s first letter to Timothy in the New Testament. Paul’s beloved church at Ephesus—the one he personally spent three years nurturing after its troubled beginning (Acts 19)—was in more trouble. Just as he had foreseen (Acts 20:29-31) “wolves” even from their “own number” had arisen to “distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after…